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mobile bars
Surf Worlcup 2010 Podersdorf am See Surf Worlcup 2010 Podersdorf am See
Promotion bar made of aluminum with logo essay Aluminum bar bent
Rauch Bar Mobile bar for scene restaurant
Mobile bars for event restaurants Heavy execution
Guest garden bar Mobile bars in the guest garden
Mobile viewport with view cooler The mobile Red Bull bar with cooling desk and logo to open
The mobile Red Bull bar to raise and lower Mobile dividing walls with sliding doors and view cooler
Transportable drinks cooler Transportable drinks cooler
Transportable Getränke Kühler 6 Aluminum transport cart for 5 bars. High-quality steering roles slowed down.
The frontplates to exchange different Colors, different surfaces,
Mobile bar as a supporter Mobile Bars für Catering
Some standing tables Compact solutions, quick in the build-up
Blocking bar with hinged lid Mobile grill station with refrigerator and viewport
Storage capacity + dustbin Transportation car for Rieber boxes
Cooling desk, water connection, drain, cooling bath, drip cup Mobile bar of indirectly illuminated, beer tap investment, cooling desk

  mobile bars

The services of Industry Design GmbH contain special models like truck set over aluminum constructions up to catering trade - facilities, all kinds of trailer and freight car.

We have also long-standing experience and knowhow in the areas motor sport and stage construction.

On our website we present a couple of different projects we have converted within the last few years.


Bar the original Red Bull Sales car
Labor bent and backlitly with product advertising Mobile floor construction ,2 bars with cooling desk, advertising panels made of aluminum with advertising banner, sail over the complete area

Mobile bar with chest freezer, front lighted Mobile bar dispensing equipment
BarMobile bar dispensing equipment 2 Transportable drinks cooler 1

Transportable drinks cooler Transportable drinks cooler 1
On-construction time 15 minutes Corners 90°, 60°, 45°,. deliverable
Catering bar with rear panel Outline for international event
Mobile cocktail bar Frontplatten zum austauschen
Delivering service coffee shop Massive aluminum construction
Mobile walls in front of the restaurant Mobile catering element with 2 screens
Mobile cocktail bar at the transport Mobile cocktail bar of individual execution
promotion umbrellas Bacardi Bar
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